.....Bad Ass. 

These words not only embody Dray’s teaching style but also describe how one feels after taking any of his classes.

— Dray Gardner

Born to a family of musicians and raised in Southern California, Dray discovered yoga in 2006 when a doctor told him it was the only option if he wanted to heal himself from chronic back pain coupled with nerve and tissue damage, a result of years playing contact sports. It was on a cane that he walked into his first yoga class, and true to his nature Dray signed up for a 60-Day challenge.  Yoga allowed his mind and body to have brand-new experiences, teaching him balance, discipline, focus, determination, strength, flexibility, and peace of mind through meditation. It was in learning the science behind yoga and how the practice supports every muscle, tendon, joint, and organ down to a cellular level that truly hooked Dray, leading him to what has become his life’s work and dharma.

In 2007, with the love and support of his family, Dray attended his first teacher training so that he could share the gift was given to him through the practice. Being an eternal student, he continued his quest for knowledge and personal growth by studying with Sri Dharma Mittra in 2011. It was there at the Dharma Center in New York that Dray’s commitment to yoga and living his truth was reaffirmed. 

“Yoga forces us to reevaluate ourselves and to realize how powerful we really are.  Yoga clears a pathway for us to return to ourselves and to our oneness, letting go of self-imposed limitations.  

For every person that I am fortunate enough to share the gift of yoga with, I humbly and enthusiastically welcome. I will bear witness not only to the struggle that brought you here, but also to your advancement, to your strength and to your self-realization and transformation. 

The Divine Spirit in me acknowledges and connects with the Divine Spirit in you. Let no one steal your peace.” – Dray Gardner

When not teaching at 103 Yoga and at  Silent Savasana , Dray also does private classes. Dray feeds his soul musically as a DJ and percussionist performing at various venues in the Las Vegas valley.


Private Lessons with Dray 

For new students

As a new student, you may be intimidated by the public classroom environment. Private classes allow me the opportunity to focus on you and make sure you are getting off to an appropriate start. Private yoga instruction can help you integrate into public classes.  

For more experienced students

Experienced students benefit from privates as well. You are able to have a deeper insight into specific postures or categories of postures that interest you. Private yoga sessions are the perfect learning environment. I can help you with posture alignment, modifications and can help you develop a balanced home practice. Private yoga classes can also give the experienced student time to learn about yoga philosophy or other aspects of interest, such as meditation and breathing practices.

For new, continuing and experienced students.

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